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  • Low birth weight 

    Davis, V.E. (Medical Journal of Zambia., 1977-08)
    A retrospective analysis of 2401 consecutive births revealed a lowbirth weight rate of 11.4 percent of all births and 14.2 percent of all live borns. Sixtyfive percent of late fetal and ...
  • Zambia Essential Medicines List 

    Ministry of Health (Ministry of Health, 2013)
    Essential medicines are those that satisfy the needs of the majority of the population and therefore should be available at all times, in adequate amounts and in the appropriate dosage forms.
  • Total Hip replacement 

    El-Morshidy, M. E. (Medical Journal of Zambia., 1974-10)
    The indications of total hip replacement are discussed. Some cases were presented where the procedure was performed; these included cases of degenerative arthritis as well as selected cases of old healed infective arthritis. ...
  • Ovarian Neoplasms in Zambia 

    Bhagwandeen, S.B.; Naik, D. K. (Medical Journal of Zambia., 1976-06)
    A total of 144 primary neoplasmas of the ovary were recorded in a five year period in the Department of Pathology (formerly Public Health Laboratory),Lusaka.Benign neoplasms (65%) were commoner than malignant tumours (35%). ...
  • Consolidated Guidelines On Person‑Centered HIV Patient Monitoring and Case Surveillance 

    Ministry of Health (World Health Organisation, 2017-06)
    In 2015, WHO published consolidated guidelines on strategic information for HIV in the health sector, including new indicators organized along the cascade of HIV prevention, testing, treatment and care (1). Those guidelines ...

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