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    • Investment in human capital 

      Schultz, Theodore (American economic review 51(march 1961), 1961)
    • Possible chloroquine resistant malaria in Zambia 

      Himpoo, B.; MacCallum, J. B. (Medical Journal of Zambia, 1967-04)
      In the fight against malaria the synthetic anti-malarials were greeted with great hopes. However,since their introduction there has been the disturbing evolution of strains of malaria resistant to them. In1947 resistance ...
    • Multiple pregnancy in Zambia 

      Lucas, C.; Hassim, Abu M. (Medical Journal of Zambia, 1967-04)
      An analysis of 151 twin pregnancies and 4 triplets delivered during 1966 is presented. The incidence of twin pregnancy is 1 in 37 and triplets 1 in 1,414. The maternal mortality in this series was nil. The perinatal mortality ...
    • Possible encephalitis following B.C.G vaccination 

      Savage, F. M. A. (Medical Journal of Zambia, 1967-04)
      Four cases of an encephalitis-like illness 3 week after BCG vaccination are described, and alternative explanations of the occurrence are discussed. As none of these explanations account for all the features of the illnesses, ...
    • Haemosiderosis osteoporosis and scurvy 

      Lowenthal, M. N., creator; Siddorn, J. A., creator; Fine, J., creator; Patel, R. P., creator (Medical Journal of Zambia, 1967-04)
      A case of haemosiderosis, osteoporosis, vertebral collapse and scurvy occurring in a Zambian African male is described in detail.
    • Cushing's Syndrome in a Zambian Youth 

      Kihn, R.B.; Davidson, J.C. (Medical Journal of Zambia., 1967-10)
      A case of Cushing's Syndrome treated by adrenalectomy is described. CUSHING'S syndrome is an uncommon disorder in the European and has seldom been reported in the African. This case is ...
    • Kwashiorkor: Some Reflections 

      Collins, J. (Medical Journal of Zambia., 1967-10)
      The subject of malnutrition in Zambia is one receiving an increasing amount of attention and publicity. Work is being undertaken to assess the incidence and severity of this condition as ...
    • The diagnosis of leprosy - common errors 

      Imkamp, F.M.J.H. (Medical journal of zambia, 1967-10)
      Would the correct diagnosis of leprosy have been easier if this disease had been described in textbooks on Neurology instead of Dermatology? The emphasis on the ...
    • Urban Clinics in Lusaka 

      Noak, J. L. (Medical Journal of Zambia., 1967-10)
      There are five large urban clinics in Lusaka (urban and peri-urban population 150,000 in 1966)1. These clinics are open from 8 to 4 on weekdays ...
    • Modernization 

      Sills, David L. (The Macmillan Company and Free Press, 1968)
    • Modernization 

      Daniel, Learner (Macmillan and Free Press, 1968)
    • Aspects of renal disease in Zambia 

      Johnston, S. M. (University of Zambia, Medical Library, 1968-10)
      Chronic renal disease is a problem seen not infrequently on the medical wards of hospitals in Zambia. This paper represents an attempt to study the types seen both clinically and at post-mortem, as have occurred throughout ...
    • Endomyocardial fibrosis in a Zambian 

      Lowenthal, M. N.; Fine, J. (University of Zambia, Medical Library, 1968-10)
      The purpose of this communication is to report a proven case of endomyocardial fibrosis 03.M.F.) in a Zambian African. Most of Zambia is situated on a high plateau 4,000 feet or more above sea level. and the ...
    • The geography of Lusaka city clinics 

      McGlashan, N. D. (Medical Journal of Zambia., 1968-10)
      The following account describes a study undertaken by senior geography and social work students of the University of Zambia in a fact-finding exercise for the Ministry of Health. The aims were to enumerate all out-patients ...
    • Aneurysm of the left ventricle: a report of two cases from Zambia 

      Lowenthal, M.N.; Fine, J. (Medical Journal of Zambia, 1968-10)
      Two cases of aneurysm of the left ventricle occurring in Zambians are described: the probable congenital nature of such aneurysms usually found in the African races is contrasted with the origin from myocardial ischaemia ...
    • A Surgical Aspect of Pulmonary Tuberculosis in African Children 

      Crawshaw, G. R. (University of Zambia, Medical Library, 1969-01)
      The main purpose of this paper is to present a plea for a rational approach to hilar lymphadenectomy in the prevention of bronchiectasis, destroyed lung, emphysema and a massive tally of crippling respiratory ...
    • Schistosomiasis Mansoni: A survey of its incidence at Luampa Hospital 

      Henderson, A. C. (Medical Journal of Zambia, 1969-01)
      Because of the frequent finding of Schistosoma Mansoni in the stools of patients seen at Luampa Mission Hospital, it was decided to endeavour to determine the incidence of the parasite in this area. ...
    • The Red Eye 

      Phillips, C. M. (Medical Journal of Zambia., 1969-01)
      The majority of recently-qualified practitioners approach the red eye with considerable trepidation, presumably because ophthalmology occupied a small part of their training, or, more likely, ...
    • Investigation of suspected Resistance of P. falciparum to Chloroquine in Zambia 

      Wolfe, H. L.; Hudleston, J. A. (Medical Journal of Zambia, 1969-01)
      In 1967 Himpoo and MacCallum (1967) reported three cases of possible chloroquine resistance of P. falciparum in Broken Hill (Kabwe), Zambia. Although a number of such claims of chloroquine ...