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    • Termite-induced heterogeneity in African savanna vegetation: mechanisms and patterns 

      Sileshi, Gudeta W.; Arshad, M. A.; Konaté, Souleymane; Nkunika, Philip O.Y. (Wiley online, 2010-07-08)
      Objectives: To (1) assess the strength of evidence for the role of termites in vegetation heterogeneity in African savannas, and (2) identify the mechanisms by which termites induce such heterogeneity. Location: African ...
    • Handbook 

      Physics, UNZA (2012-05-18)
      Physics is the most fundamental of the Natural Sciences. It is the parent science of Biology, Chemistry, Geology and Engineering, which are but specialisations in areas, which are ultimately a part of Physics. For this ...