Agricultural financing in Zambia : with particular emphasis on the legal framework

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Munalula, Margaret Mulela
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This thesis attempts to evaluate the legal framework for the provision of agricultural finance in Zambia. The post-independence era has witnessed a decline in resources from the mining sector and this has led to an effort by the Government to find ways to diversify the economy, in part through the promotion of agriculture. This has led to the government playing a greater role in the provision of agricultural credit to all categories of farmers. Agricultural credit has been channeled through specialized agricultural credit institutions in which the government has controlling shares. The legal framework of these institutions accounts, in part, for their inability to fulfill the role that they were intended to play. This legal framework and performance of these institutions is critically examined in the context of law in the development process.The thesis is divided into six chapters. Chapter One is an introduction to the subject at hand i.e. agriculture and credit, the role of the peasant farmer, and the role of the law in facilitating agricultural financing. Chapter two is a historical account of the agricultural credit system in Northern Rhodesia which provided the base upon which the existing system was built. Chapter three looks at Government policy and the legal provisions regarding credit from the time of Independence to date.The institutional framework which is presented in Chapter four covers all the institutions both before and after Independence.Chapter five is a critical review of the provision of agricultural credit in Zambia. It covers law and policy, the performance of the institutions, and comes to the conclusion it has stagnated for many reasons; not the least of which is the provision of inadequate and ineffective agricultural credit institutions and facilities. Chapter six is the concluding chapter and contains proposals for reform of the system of agricultural credit in Zambia.
Agricultural Administration , Agriculture---Economic Aspects