Guidance Services in Boarding High Schools in Southern Province,Zambia

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Nkhata, Leonard
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This study evaluated school guidance services in boarding high schools based on learners' views. Three objectives guided the study namely; to find out the problems learners in boarding high schools face, to establish the types of the guidance services available in boarding high schools and to investigate learners' evaluation of the guidance services in boarding high schools. The sample comprised 271 respondents from three (3) co - educational boarding high schools .They consisted of (265) learners; 135 female and 130 male learners, 3 headteachers and 3 ounsellors. "Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) was used to generate frequency tables, percentages and graphs and Qualitative data was analysed qualitatively. Results showed that there were peculiar problems learners in boarding high schools faced and these included meals that were poorly prepared, not balanced and insufficient, poor dormitory accommodation, erratic supply of water and poor sanitation, bullying and sexual violence, peer pressure, homesickness, out break of diseases and restrictive rules. In addition they shared with day high school learners problems such as poor or lack of information on entry into colleges, universities and job, inadequate co - curricular activities, inadequate teaching and learning materials, shortages of teaching staff, HIV/AIDS and corruption. The findings revealed that educational, vocational, avocational, personal/social and health guidance services were available in the boarding high schools. However, these guidance services were not offered to a satisfactory degree due to a number of challenges which included lack of trained School Counsellors, inadequate resources and materials for the guidance units, inaccessibility of School Counsellors to learners due to high teaching loads and the inadequate funding to the guidance units. However, despite the challenges learners were satisfied with the guidance services provided. The study recommended that the Ministry of Education should train School Counsellors and deploy them in all boarding high schools on a full time basis. The study also IV recommended that Boarding High Boards should ensure that School Counsellors' services are fully and effectively utilized and that School counselors train leaner peer - counselors and establish guidance clubs.
Guidance Services-Boarding Schools , Counselling Services-Boarding High Schools