Archival legislation and the management of public sector records in Zambia: a critical review.

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Hamooya, Chrispin
Mulauzi, Felesia
Njobvu, Benson
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University of South Africa
Governments all over the world require comprehensive archival legislation ensure that records and archives are managed accordingly for effective running of the current operations of organisation as well as for posterity. The paper argues that comprehensive legislation in the records management and archives administration act as a guiding principle to custodians and users of records and archives. Furthermore, the paper discusses archives legislation in Zambia and its role in the control and preservation of records of enduring value. The paper points out that the National Archives Act does not mandate the National Archives to manage current records and this hinders its operations. The paper contends that archives legislation in Zambia is not tandem developments in Information and Communications Technology (ICTs) vis-à-vis records management and issues that have to do with Freedom of Information Legislation (FOIL). It provides examples of archives legislation that have been reviewed and/or amendment in ESARBICA that as a result archival institutions in those countries be instrumental in promoting records management policies, standards and procedures. The paper concludes by making recommendations on the need for the National Archives of Zambia to extend its mandate to the management of records in public intuitions the need to manage electronic records and ensure that the Freedom of Information is developed and implemented.
Archival legislation. , Electronic records. , National Archives of Zambia. , Freedom of information.