Occurence , severity and magnitude of hydrological drought in Zambia :impacts and implications

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Sichingabula, Henry
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Persistent occurrence of drought under increasing water supply demands for municipalities and agriculture, and under increased threat of global warming, requires increased understanding of drought characteristics and sustainable use of water resources. Using the theory of runs, several hydroiogical drought parameters of frequency of occurrence, run length, magnitude and run intensity, were investigated for the Kafue and Zambezi rivers. Objectives were to (a) determine magnitude-frequency characteristics of hydroiogical droughts; (b) determine some drought run parameters and frequency of their occurrence; and (c) propose a new approach for increasing Zambia's utilization of its water resources without jeopardizing international relations with neighbouring countries. Better understanding of droughts and assessment of Zambia's present and future water requirements will enable planners and decision makers to bring increased economic benefits to citizens. Zambia's drought and water scarcity problems are outlined and linked to some proposed regional water projects designed to divert water from the Zambezi River system. One possible solution to problems of drought and dwindling water levels on Kafue River is proposed.
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Hydrological drought--Zambia , Global warming --Zambia , Climate change--Zambia