Double standards in the observance of democratic government, rule of law and human rights: Case against the United States of America and the United Nations-Lessons for African States in their elusive search for a valid democratic order

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Mabbolobbolo, Mwanajiti Ian
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Although the United States government has been a strong backer of international justice for other people it continues to display inconsistencies in some of its affairs. In fact some authors have gone as far as saying that America is least qualified in the world to judge what happens in other countries. Further, as the US has held itself as a strong advocate of international justice, other countries (including African countries) use the transgressions by the United States to justify transgressions in their own countries-if America can do it why can't we do it too?Faith in the United Nations has been seriously shaken, as a result of its failure to stand up to what many consider as the American hegemony. This has brought questions about the relevancy of the UN in this contemporary age of complexity. There is a felt need by the International community to have a legal order predicated on an agreed rule of law.That there is an inextricable link between the three distinct though kindred conceptions of democracy, respect for the rule of law and human rights is incontrovertible. African countries are enjoined to espouse these ideals in their elusive search for a valid democratic order.
Rule of law , Democracy