The impact of voter education on voter participation: the case of kaunda Square Stage (1) Compound in Lusaka

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Mulyata, Hills
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For the members of the society to make important and meaningful decisions they should be provided with voter education. Voter education is important sit enables people to understand and practice their civic values, rights and obligations in their daily lives. This type of education also facilitates the development of knowledge, capabilities, competences, values and behaviors of individuals so that they become personally fulfilled and constructive members of the society.The study’s main objective was to determine the impact of voter education on voter participation in Kaunda Square Stage (I) Compound of Lusaka. To carry out this study successfully different literature on Voter Education, Civic Education, Democracy and Reports on Elections was reviewed so as to have a wider understanding of the topic.A descriptive, non experimental qualitative research method was used. Data was collected from 50 respondents. The sample for this study consisted of Teachers, Traders (shop keepers and marketers) and youths. Random sampling procedure was used in this study. The age for the respondents ranged from 19 years to 49 years. Questionnaires were used to collect data. Data was analyzed manually using a master sheet and a scientific calculator.The study revealed that 54% of the respondents were provided with voter education while 46% of the respondents were not provided with voter education. Then from the ones that were provided with voter education, 11% were provided with voter education on a monthly basis and 11% were provided with voter education annually and 78% were provided with voter education every after five years. The study further revealed that 82% of the respondents indicated that voter education increases voter participation and should be provided monthly while a paltry 18% indicated that voter education does not increase participation.
Voter education , Elections