The factors that affect the running of rural Community Schools in Gwembe District

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Chilobe, Casterns C.
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For each and every community school to run effectively in its operations, it must be well equipped with all the necessary equipments, resources such as human resource, material resources, structure and infrastructure. This study sought to look at the factors that affect the running of the rural community schools in Gwembe District. It addressed itself to five major questions; (a) Do you have enough reading and teaching materials at this school? (b) What is your qualification of teachers? (c) Where does your school get support from? (d) How much are the teachers paid? (e) Do you have enough furniture and classrooms?The study used both qualitative and quantitative methods to collect data from respondents. The study also used the descriptive design order to fulfill the aim of this study. The population consisted of sixty (60) pupils from the three researched community schools and eight (8) teachers. The simple random sampling procedure was used to select people that would be included in the sample. The total population in the study was sixty-eighty (68).Data was collected from respondents using questionnaires and unstructured interviews. Qualitative and quantitative methods were used in analyzing the data. Questions were analysed through categorization of themes. The findings of the study were that the rural community schools were faced with a number of challenges in their operations. Challenges included having few female teachers; this was evident at Shambabala community school where all the six (6) teachers were males. Lack of support from the community, few furniture and infrastructure such as classrooms, accommodation for teachers especially at Chipepo Harbour community school where non of the teachers was accommodated. High absenteeism levels among boys, early marriages for girls and also lack of role models for girls.The study recommended that there was a need to sensitize the community on the importance of education, the government through the Ministry of Education should consider sending female teachers in rural community schools to act as role models for girls.
Community Schools--Administration , Community Schools--Management