An assessment of Communication Strategies for Poverty reduction in community driven development: the case of Programme Urban Self Help (PUSH)

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Kalwani, Rose Mwandu
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This study is a detailed account of the observations and findings of the student on communication strategies of poverty reduction in Community Driven Development. In order to carry out the study, the student was attached to Programme Urban Self Help -PUSH national office in Lusaka. To comprehensively assess the communication strategies and channels, the student had to study the poverty reduction livelihood activities in the PUSH communities of the Northern Region, which included Lunga, Mutenda, Mbonge and Soloboni. Soloboni community is in the Southern Region but under the poverty reduction strategy. The findings indicate that PUSH has a viable participatory social development programme which has made an impact among the low income communities. It is evident the organization needs adequate funding to achieve its focus of delivering sustainable social development. Participatory bottom-up approaches to communication require a high investment. Nevertheless, the PUSH communication policy requires modification of the guiding norms and principles. The organization ought to enhance its interaction with the community; and provide opportunities for staff transformation, dialogue and consensus.
Communication strategies-PUSH