Follow up of patients started on Anti-Tuberculosis Treatment (ATT) using clinical and radiological criteria

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Silumbe, Gordon
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During the last decade there has been an increase, notifications of rates of tuberculosis world over and rate has been higher In developing countries. This upswing is attributed to Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) as the predisposing factor to pulmonary tuberculosis. However, it should be remembered that pulmonary disease secondary to AIDS is not always pulmonary tuberculosis. To address this issue open cross sectional descriptive study was conducted at UTH. Chest Clinic had 711 adult patients put on ATT was followed for a period of two months. The result of the follow up is presented in this dissertation. Considering the impact tuberculosis has on meagre resources and medical facilities, it is imperative that problems identified in this study be ratified. It may help reduce costs and improve care for patients with tuberculosis.
Clinical , Radiology , Tuberculosis , Tuberculosis -- case studies -- Zambia