The freedoms of expression,association and assembly during elections

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Maboshe, lindiwe Suzanna
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Zambia, by virtue of being a democratic state, has certain characteristics and obligations. One such characteristic is the holding of regular elections. As such, Zambia holds elections every five years. Elections play a very important role in a democratic state because it is through elections that the people choose who they would like to rule the state. In a democracy, it is the people who rule through these representatives. Thus the phrase, 'rule by the people'. Since the people play such an important role and have such an important responsibility, in a democratic society, it is important that they are given an opportunity to analyse each candidate for the election. This is only possible where the candidates are given a platform from which they can disseminate information necessary to entice the electorate to vote for them. In such circumstances, the freedom of expression and the freedom of assembly and association play an important role. It is only through these freedoms that the candidates can disseminate information to large numbers of people. In exercising these freedoms, the election candidates can hold rallies which masses of people can attend and participate in. Similarly, television and radio programmes can be broadcast hosting the candidates. It is therefore important to enable that the electorate have an equal opportunity to the information that candidates have to disseminate. Consequently, it is important that each party candidate is treated equally in enabling them enjoy these freedoms. Where there is bias therefore it would affect the way that the people vote and overall the election results.
Assembly, Right of--Zambia , Freedom of association --Zambia