Are economic social and cultural rights key in improving the lives of the Zambian people and if so what basis should they be included in the bill of rights to be contained in the new constitition under debate in the national constitutional conference NCC to ensure maximum protection of human rights or achievement of human development

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Kabwe, Maybin
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The demand to incorporate the economic, social and cultural rights is noted on the respect for the dignity of the human person. That is, the worth of being human is not constituted by any human declaration or institution but rather given by God, a universally shared reality. The inalienable dignity becomes the norm against which all social institutions and state activities must be measured. In the absence of constitution guarantee of the rights to livelihood and employment, clean and safe water, medical and health facilities, decent shelter, education and social benefits to the disabled, the aged and other disadvantaged persons, government does not feel obliged or compelled to fulfill them. Consequently, the development of the country is affected, and the poverty levels of the people keep on rising. It is thus imperative that social, economic and cultural rights should be encouraged in any country for sustainable economic growth. The republican constitution needs to be categorical in guaranteeing human rights and compel government to promote them, in order to attain the desired human development.
Human rights. , Social rights. , Economic rights