Gay rights: Is same sex marriage morally justified in Zambian society

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Muhandu, Emeldah M.
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This paper seeks to explore gay rights in Zambia, and to investigate whether this minority group has any hope of being recognized soon in this country. It will explain the main concepts in the research and give a brief account of the historical evolvement of gay activism in Zambia and in the world. Gays in Zambia have been very highly marginalized while all around the world gay rights groups are emerging and are speaking up for their cause. Gay men have been arrested and charged under the Penal code of Zambia. They have also in various instances been badly attacked. It has been said that homosexuality occurs in every culture, even in animals but studies have shown that it occurs less in other cultures such as the African and Asian cultures; and that homosexuality only came to be known in these places after the advent of the Westerners and colonialism. This may explain why many in Zambia are adverse to it. In countries such as South Africa, case law in favour of gay rights is continually accumulating a result of the inclusion of the rights of gays in their Constitution. This research will look at this as well as numerous other issues in investigating the status of gay rights in Zambia.
Gay rights , Homosexuality--law and legislation