increase in reporting of sexual offences in Zambia: What is the law doing?: Andrew Chakanika

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Chakanika, Andrew
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This dissertation was seized with the task of ascertaining what has caused the increase rtf~ of ,—H«ntlenceS-e£-reporting sexual offences in Zambia by considering not only the law but also whether the reduction in stigma constitute the means to efficiently prevent incidences of sexual violence. The research endeavoured to ascertain the incidences of sexual offences and the increased levels of reporting. In addition, the study ascertained whether reporting and reduction in stigma constitute the means to more efficiently control or prevent sexual offences. The study through research and interviews discovered that there has been an increase in reporting of sexual offences in the last decade. Research has attributed this increase to the national wide campaigns mounted by the YWCA and VSU. The establishment of the VSU which co-ordinates with other friendly institutions has played a role in the increased reporting of sexual violence. In addition, women have become self reliant and self dependent thereby removing the dependency syndrome on a bread winner who maybe the perpetrator. It has been further discovered that reporting deters ordinary members of the public and offenders through public reproach and shame. In addition, advocacy campaigns related to reduction in stigma have been cited to assist the prevention of sexual offences as victims feel secure and comfortable to discuss their situations thereby making men aware of their roles and eliminating misconceptions about women. Therefore, the study recommends a change in the penal policy by including provisions which will strengthen the law such as including laws that make reporting compulsory. In addition, every Zambian is encouraged to participate in finding a lasting solution.
Sex crimes--Zambia , sexual offences