The effect of adding maize bran to finished feed on performance of arbor acres and cobb 500 broilers

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Musukwa, Namosya Martha
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The effects of 0%, 10%, 20% and 30% maize bran levels in broiler finisher diets, on the performance of Arbor acres and Cobb 500 broilers was investigated. Diets containing different levels of maize bran were introduced at 29 and 35 days of age. The test diets were fed ad lib up to the 47th day of growth in a 3 factor (2 strains x 2 feeding dates x 4 maize bran levels) Randomised Complete Block design arrangement having experimental units of 20-24 birds in 3 replications. There were highly significant differences (P < 0.01) between Arbor acres and Cobb 500 for all weighed parameters (liveweight, feed consumption, feed conversion ratio, dressed weight, dressing out %, weights of liver, gizzard and proventriculus, small intestine, colon, caeca, and abdominal fat, indicating the two were distinct strains. There were no significant differences among birds of the same strain, in liveweight, feed consumption, feed conversion ratio and dressed weight for the four levels of maize bran in the diet and the two starting dates for feeding the diets containing bran. Birds of both strains that were fed diets containing maize bran from day 29 had higher (P < 0.01) abdominal fat weights than those fed from day 35. Gastrointestinal tract (GIT) morphological changes were induced by feeding the 20% and 30% maize bran containing diets. Histological analysis of the ileum showed a proliferation of goblet cells in birds fed the 20% and 30% maize bran containing diets which increased mucous secretion for GIT protection against the abrasive action of the maize bran. Dry matter apparent digestibility for both strains decreased linearly (p < 0.05) with increase in maize bran levels in the diet. In Arbor acres, apparent digestibility of CP, NDF and P; and AME decreased curvilinearly from 0% to 20% maize bran level and then increased up to the 30% maize bran level, indicating an improvement in efficiency of digestion of the diet containing 30% maize bran. In Cobb birds apparent digestibility of CP and NDF; and AME decreased linearly from 0% to 30% maize bran level. Total amounts of EE apparently digested in both Arbor acres and Cobb 500 birds increased IV with increase in maize bran levels in the diet, enabling more efficient utilization of energy and improved efficiency of nutrient utilization. Birds fed finisher feed containing 20% and 30% maize bran gave higher (P < 0.01) gross margin returns than those at 0 and 10% levels. It can therefore, be concluded that adding 20% and 30% maize bran to the basal finisher improves profit margins without significantly affecting growth and feed utilization in Arbor acres and Cobb broiler strains.
Broilers (poultry) -- Zambia , feeds -- Zambia