A critical analysis of the delays in the dispensation of justice in Zambia

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Sodala, Evans
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This research was inspired mainly because of the growing outcry from the public regarding the inordinate delays experienced in the delivery of justice and also partly because this area of the law has not been attempted by any previous UNZA students, at lease not the angle that I have taken with this research.The author felt that since the timely delivery of Judgments by Judges and Magistrates is not enshrined in the Laws of the Republic of Zambia, quick dispensation of justice may be taken for granted by those on the bench and abused to the detriment of those seeking refuge and justice from the Judiciary.The finds of this research are that the delays occasioned by the Judiciary cannot be solely attributed to the 'men and women' on the bench. While it is true that some delays are as a result of the failure by Judges and Magistrates to deliver Judgments in a timely manner some delays have been occasioned by factors such as lack of transport to convey accused persons to court, unnecessary adjournments on the part of counsel and failure to bring witnesses to court to conclude trials. The research also found that legislation may be necessary to compel Justices to deliver Judgments on time and amend some of the civil procedure practice so as to speedup justice.
Criminal justice, Administration of--Zambia , Criminal procedure--Zambia