The efficacy of Road traffic laws in preventing road traffic accidents in Zambia

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Mulele, Mukumba
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The problem of road traffic accidents is one which preoccupies the mind of nearly every Zambian today. Thousands of lives are lost annually through this scourge and it is currently ranked the third cause of death after HIV and Malaria in Zambia. There have been numerous public calls to introduce measures that shall be effective enough to combat the scourge. The law has been identified as one such measure, it is for this reason that the writer decided to undertake this study entitled The efficacy of road traffic laws in preventing road traffic accidents in Zambia.The first chapter is basically introductory and is aimed at showing the reader how serious the scourge of road accidents is in ZambiaThe second chapter examines the efficiency of the various provisions of the Road Traffic Act pertaining to road safety and in particular the prevention of road traffic accidents.The third chapter examines the institutional framework charged with the task of implementing the provisions of the Act. The fourth chapter is basically the conclusion, recommendations and prospects for the future.
Highway law-Zambia , Automobiles-law and legislation-Zambia