A critical evaluation of the 2044 RE Syllabus: The case of Canisius and Chikuni Girls Seconday Schools

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Haazela, Mwiinga Jonathan
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The purpose of this study was to find out how satisfactory Canisius and Chikuni Girls Secondary Schools consider RE syllabus 2044 to be. To do this, the researcher interviewed 26 boys from Canisius Secondary 26 girls from Chikuni Girls, 4 teachers from Canisius and 10 former pupils of the two institutions. Two questionnaires were used to collect data from the respondents.The researcher found that the assumption that syllabus 2044 was not satisfactory for teaching RE because it was doctrinal was not right. The syllabus was only more Christian than other religions in content. It proved that it was not based purely on Catholic doctrines. The researcher therefore concluded that the Ministry of Education through, the RE desk at Curriculum Development Centre, should pay more attention on the concerns of having one syllabus at senior secondary which will address equally values and beliefs in all major religious traditions.
Education Evaluation , Assessment of RE Syllabus , Curriculum Evaluation