Student's Under utilization of the University of Zambia Counselling Centre

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Kateule, Fredrick
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This research investigated the factors which affects the turnout of students for counselling at the university of Zambia counselling centre. The university of Zambia students' population was as the study population.The study also considered some specific objectives which included; finding out whether socio economic background of a student can affect their decision to seek counselling; to find out whether, there is a relationship between year of study and the likelihood of a student to seek counselling and many others.The variables that were found to have a significant influence on the students' decision to seek counselling included age, sex, year of study, religion, employment status of guardian, family average monthly income, classification of parents residential area and culture. Moreover, knowledge, attitude and awareness of the students about the existence oft he counselling centre.The study end by giving recommendations on what can be done to improve the turnout of the students at the centre.
Counselling in Higher Education--Zambia , Health Counseling -- Zambia