The effects of potting sizes on the growth of Rough Lemon(Citrus Jambiri Lush)Rootstocks

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Goma, Baymolo
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The effects of root restriction on rough lemon {Citrus jambhiri .Lush.) seedlings induced by root restriction bags of different volume was evaluated. The seedlings were transplanted into I.IL, 1.9L, 3.9L and 6.2L polyethylene sleeves (UV-untreated), a direct soil planted, non-restricted root treatment was included as a control. Reduction in growth occurred with reduction in pot size,.the smallest pots (I.IL) had the shortest plants followed by the medium. There was no difference between the three larger pot sizes. Plants in the control treatment were able to attain the minimum stem diameter of 24 mm at a height of 25 cm at an age of 101 days after field planting, than the rest of the treatments that were only able to attain it by 202 days after field planting. Leaf area tended to increase with increased pot size (or less root restriction),. The same trend was observed in dry matter content. Dry matter ratios for 1.9L and the direct soil planted treatments were not different from each other. Severe root restriction (I.IL) caused higher reductions in canopy size relative to the roots. The smallest pot size had a root: shoot ratio of 0.82 compared to an average of 0.73 for the larger pots.
Citrus fruits plotting , Citrus products plotting , Citrus Jambiri Lush