The impact of adoption and usage of Information and Communication Technologies(ICTs)in selected manufacturing and business firms in Zambia

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Daka, Philemon
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University of Zambia
This study was aimed at investigating the impact of adoption of Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) on selected manufacturing and business firms in Zambia.This study was exploratory in nature, hence, a cross sectional approach was undertaken in the first half of 2015 to measure firms’ responses regarding adoption of ICT. The diffusion theory of innovation was used as a theoretical framework to understand the phenomenon of ICT adoption. An online questionnaire was designed to help answer the research questions. Questionnaires were sent to 70 randomly selected organisations from mining, banking and finance, manufacturing and processing, education, professional management; IT related service and advertising sector using stratified random sampling method. The research findings reveal that common ICTs such as computers and internet have high usage among firms. However, the use of high-technology ICTs as SCADA is still average and there is need for more effort from all stake holders to focus on stimulating accelerated adoption of ICTs. The results also shows that Zambia’s manufacturing industries could rebrand and increase productivity, improve their profit margins and contribute effectively to the economy if they adopt more ICTs in their businesses. In this regard ICTs serve as a very important cost saving measure and as a means of increasing productivity and efficiency. The study therefore, recommends that awareness be increased on the importance of ICTs amongst firms. In addition, company owners should be encouraged to train their employees in ICT usage. Innovators should develop systems that benefit firms in their areas of expertise. Firms must be encouraged to adopt and use ICTs in carrying out their businesses.
Telecommunication-Developing Countries , Information Technology-Zambia , Information Technology-Developing Countries