A Radio Frequency Identification Wireless Sensor Network Based Grain Inventory Management System For Zambia's Food Reserve Agency

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Muyunda, Cynthia Lubasi
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University of Zambia
This work proposed the design and development of a Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) based Radio Frequency Identification Grain Inventory Management System (RFID GIMS) for the Food Reserve Agency (FRA.) RFID is an automated system that utilizes wireless technology to uniquely identify and track tagged objects in the form of a unique serial number. WSN is a network comprised of sensing, computing, and communication elements. WSN and RFID are integrated to extend the read range of RFID system applications. An extensive literature review was conducted to find existing RFID applications in object tracking, monitoring and inventory management. A baseline study was conducted to determine the challenges faced by FRA regarding grain inventory management. The results of the baseline study were analyzed and it was found that inventory is counted manually, records are mostly kept on paper and thefts are experienced. Interviews with warehouse supervisors were also conducted to get details FRA’s current business processes. These findings were used to design the RFID GIMS models with the goal of eliminating manual and paper based systems, and may help reduce theft through improved monitoring. The system requirements have been specified, system models including interaction, structural and data models have been designed. The models that have been designed include Use Case, Communication and Sequence Models, Class and the Entity Relationship Model and the system architecture models. Finally, a prototype of the RFID GIMS was developed. Keywords: RFID, FRA, Grain Inventory Management, WSN
Radio frequency identification systems--Zambia , Radio frequency--Identification. , Computer networks.