In-service teachers’ perceptions towards classroom technology integration in Zambia: a pilot study.

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Walubita, Gabriel
Mulauzi, Felesia
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Teaching and Learning in Africa
The purpose of this study is to explore the perceptions towards integrating information and communication technologies (ICTs) in teaching and learning programs among in-service primary school teachers in Zambia. The study explored investigated 8 government primary schools in Lusaka province from which 10 teachers who participated in the study were drawn. The study was quantitative in nature owing to the fix interval questionnaires that were used. The results indicate that the majority of the teachers were optimistic about the use of ICTs in the teaching and learning setting. The results indicate that there was a strong, positive correlation between attitude and belief towards using ICTs in the teaching and learning process (r = .89, n= 10,p< .01), thus, there was evidence that teachers who had positive attitudes also had strong beliefs about the use of ICTs in the teaching and learning process. There was also strong agreement on the importance of “the use of ICTs in the teaching-learning process” and that “studying with ICTs makes teaching-learning process more enjoyable”. The teachers also confirmed the need to “participate in in-service training seminars about the use of ICTs “ as the strategy most strongly agreed upon. The results suggest that the teachers’ positive attitude towards ICTs integration in the teaching and learning process requires not only institutional and financial support, but also provision of access to computers, technical support and in-service teacher technology training.
Information and communication technologies (ICTs). , Educational technology. , Teachers. , Education. , Learners. , Training.