The effectiveness of teaching indigeous languages under the team teaching arrangement in primary(Basic)Colleges of Education in Zambia

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Sinfukwe, Michael George
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This study sought to establish the effectiveness of teaching indigenous languages under the team teaching arrangement. The research methodology of the study involved both qualitative and quantitative data which was collected through questionnaires, lesson observations, curriculum materials and structured interview schedules. The sample comprised twelve teacher educators from Kitwe and Malcolm Moffat Colleges of Education in Zambia, who were selected purposively from the Literacy and Language Education study area to take part in the study. The data collected was analysed using both qualitative and quantitative techniques. The major findings of this study revealed that teacher educators regarded indigenous languages as important as English though teaching them under team teaching was not practicable as they were not qualified teacher educators for Indigenous Languages. The study also revealed that only English was taught and group discussion among other methods was more commonly used to teach it. From the findings, it was also observed that until teacher educators with both content and pedagogical knowledge in the two contributing subjects in the Literacy and Language study area were recruited into colleges of education, teaching of Indigenous Languages and English integratively (team teaching) would not work. In view of the research findings, recommendations were made that Teacher Education should address the issue of recruitment and staff professional development in colleges of education. To my beloved parents, brothers and sisters. I dedicate this piece of work to them for their love, care, guidance, support and several other things that have enabled me to be what I am today. I will forever be indebted to them.Above all, may the Almighty God be honoured.
Linquistic , Language teaching