Teachers’ situational analysis of the integration of pupils with disability in selected primary schools in Zambia.

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Banja, Madalitso K & Mandyata, J.
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In this article, we report the findings of a study undertaken to determine the extent to which students with disabilities have been integrated into school practices in selected primary schools in Zambia. The sample comprised of 28 specialist teachers, 30 regular teachers and 10 head-teachers. Both quantitative and qualitative data collection methods were used. Quantitative data were collected through self-administered questionnaires while qualitative data were collected through in-depth semi-structured interviews and document review. Findings revealed that there was a government policy on the integration of pupils with disabilities into the mainstream. Findings also revealed that specialist and regular teachers as well as head teachers were aware of this policy on the integration and supported it. The paper discusses major practical challenges being faced by the government in its attempt to translate policy into practice which have hindered meaningful and fruitful realisation of the advocacy for integration of children with disability into the mainstream of education. These challenges include inappropriate infrastructure, unsuitable materials and insufficiently qualified personnel.
Disability. Integration. Specialist teachers. Regular teachers. Special education needs.
Banja, M. K. & Mandyata, J. (2018). ‘Teachers’ Situational Analysis of the Integration of Pupils With Disability in Selected Primary Schools in Zambia’. Multidisciplinary Journal of Language and Social Sciences Education. Vol 1 Number 1, 175-205