Education in the second republic: what changed?.

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Mukalula, Mwansa-Kalumbi
Mulenga, Mukuka Lydia
Siankanga, Chimmy
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UNZA Press
Education in the Second Republic was marked by extensive changes. This was a period of political change from a multiparty to a one party state. The Zambian government aimed to align its education system with its socialist philosophy that all means of production should be controlled by the whole community. The Second Republic was characterised by major milestones in Zambia’s education system as well as complex economic problems. It was during this period that the country adopted its first ever policy on education. This chapter explores the impact of major economic challenges as well as the population boom on the education system. Increased external debt led to severely reduced financial flows to the education sector, leading to poor quality education. Population growth put further pressure on overstrained infrastructure. The chapter concludes by observing that, by the end of this period, administration of education was still in turmoil due to over-ambitious leadership coupled with a highly centralised system and lack of capacity.
Education--Second republic--Zambia.