University education in Zambia in the face of austerity: history, trends and financing.

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Masaiti, Gift
Simuyaba, Eunifridah
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UNZA Press
University education is critical to the social and economic development of any country. In order to achieve both national and international development goals, Zambia needs a high quality and equitable education system that is accessible to all, especially at university level. Higher education is undergoing substantial change in Zambia in terms of massification and the growth of private universities in the midst of a plethora of challenges. This chapter traces the evolution of university education from pre-independence to 2017. Among other issues, it highlights the different phases of university education and the overall higher education environment in the country. Issues relating to enrolment, access and financing are also highlighted. Financial austerity is discussed in some detail in order to understand one of the biggest challenges confronting university education in Zambia.
University education--History--Trends--Financing--Austerity--Zambia. , University education--Zambia. , Education financing--Highier education--Zambia. , Education--Zambia--Financing.