Analyzing the application of integrated project delivery for the Zambian construction industry

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Kabemba, Steve Ngoy
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The University of Zambia
The construction industry is an important sector in the economies of nations and plays a key role in socio-economic growth of Zambia. Construction projects in Zambia fail to meet owner’s performance expectations. Increased cost-effectiveness and reduced waste in Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) projects requires an examination of alternative delivery methods. Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) has been used on some projects since 2007, revealing great advantages and outcomes exceeding owner’s expectation. IPD is a proven solution for a poorly structured construction industry characterized by wastage, late-delivered projects, over budget, and at a significant human cost. Yet, the exposition, understanding and application of IPD mechanism in Zambia remains absent in the construction project management, specifically in the construction practitioner’s human skills. The purpose of this paper was to examine whether IPD is the appropriate delivery method for the Zambian Construction Industry. The investigation used a mixed method through a case study analysis and a questionnaire targeting construction practitioners in the Zambian construction industry. The finding shows that the most influential driver of IPD principles is a signed agreement of the multi-party contract which gives details concerning the implementation of IPD practices such as big room concept, alignment of interest, and gain and pain sharing. It also shows that 87.4% of respondents agreed with statements coming from the IPD main contract while 12.6% either disagreed or were unsure, 69.8% were in agreement with IPD catalysts while 29.2% of respondents were unsure on the usefulness of the suggested tools to deliver project more effectively and finally 97.9% of respondents perceived that the adoption and application of IPD principles in the Zambian construction industry would help deliver efficient projects in Zambia. Hence the need for familiarize construction practitioners with IPD contractual principles. Keywords: Integrated Project Delivery, Collaboration, Delivery method, Zambian Construction Industry.
Integrated Project Delivery, , Delivery method--Construction Industry.