Terminological abuse versus inclusion: an analysis of selected terms used to describe persons with disabilities in Luvale.

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Muzata, Kenneth Kapalu
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Journal of Lexicography and Terminology
This was a qualitative study on how some selected ‘Luvale’ words were used to negatively stereotype persons with disabilities. Eight (8) participants were purposively selected based on their experience with the ‘Luvale’ language and their personal explanations of the terms used to describe persons with disabilities. The aim of the study was to explore the meaning of terminologies used to describe persons with disabilities as a form of exclusion. Interviews were conducted in ‘Luvale’ local language, and equivalent translations and interpretations were provided in English by the researcher. Data was analysed by thematic analysis where common explanations given by the participants were grouped together and differences separated. The study revealed that Luvale speakers had different versions of selected words used to describe persons with disabilities. Some words were used interchangeably while others were correctly explained. Some of the words carried very strong negative meaning that led to negative stereotyping of disability. It was recommended that ‘Luvale’ Language speakers and specialists should develop appropriate vocabulary that addresses persons with disabilities respectfully in order to avoid negative stereotyping, a vice that is against contemporary inclusive philosophy
Disability. , Luvale, terms. , Stereotyping. , Social inclusion. ,
Muzata, K.K. (2019). Terminological Abuse versus Inclusion: An Analysis of Selected Terms Used to Describe Persons with Disabilities in Luvale. Journal of Lexicography and Terminology. Vol 3 (1), PP 1-32.