Enablers and disablers to academic success of students with visual impairment: a 10-year literature disclosure, 2007–2017.

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Ndhlovu, Daniel
Simui, Francis
Cheyeka, Austin M
Kasonde-Ng'andu, Sophie
Simwinga, John
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British Journal of Visual Impairment
Within the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) and its 17 targets is a strong emphasis on the education of learners with disability. Whereas there have been massive improvements at lower levels regarding education of the marginalised, a lot more work remains undone at tertiary education level. In this discourse, we explore literature to reveal enablers and disablers to academic success of students with visual impairments (SwVI) at higher education level in the past 10 years in 16 countries doted across six habitable continents. Emerging from the study is a host of disablers such as (1) negative attitudes, (2) absence of inclusive education policy, (3) inaccessible learning environment and learning materials, (4) exclusive pedagogy, and (5) limited orientation and mobility. Amidst the disabling environment, a positive attitude, self-advocacy, and innovativeness stood out as key enablers to academic success by SwVI. The findings contribute to the realisation of the SDG agenda through advocacy on inclusive education policies and practices.
Disablers. , Enablers. , Higher education. , Inclusive education. , Visual impairment.