Navigation strategies by women into decision-making positions in the Ministry of education, Zambia.

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Kalumba, Maybe
Daka, Harrison
Kalimaposo, Kalisto
Phiri, Chidongo
Mukuka Mulenga-Hagane, Lydia
Mugala, Alex
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The University of Zambia
This research aimed to explore the strategies navigated by women employees in the ministry of Education in Decision-Making positions. The objective of the study was to propose strategies that women can use to navigate into being appointed in leadership positions. This study employed a qualitative approach, utilizing in-depth interviews with fifteen (15) women in leadership roles in the Ministry of Education. The participants were selected using purposive sampling, ensuring diversity in age, ethnicity, and position. The data collected from the interviews were analysed using thematic analysis. As such, the study found that women are using various strategies to navigate different challenges, such as building strong networks, seeking mentorship, and developing their leadership skills. It also suggested that women's success in these roles is contingent on addressing gender-based biases and stereotypes, promoting work-life balance, and providing access to mentoring and leadership development programs. The study recommends that, organizations should strive to challenge and change gender stereotypes that limit women's leadership opportunities. Organizations should provide women with access to mentorship and sponsorship programs that help them develop leadership skills and provide them with career guidance. Organizations should offer training and development opportunities that help women build the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in decision-making roles. Equally, that organizations should create a culture that values diversity and inclusion, where everyone's contributions are respected and appreciated. Women should be encouraged to network and build relationships with colleagues and leaders in their field. Keywords: Decision-Making, Leadership Styles, Navigate, Networking, Mentorship, Strategies
Mentorship strategies. , Leadership styles. , Decision-Making--Women.