A study to determine the prevalence and factors associated with hypertension among full-time UNZA Academic Staff

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Mulenga, David
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Hypertension is a very important public health problem not only in developed countries but in Zambia as well. It is a major risk factor for fatal and non fatal cadiovascular disease including Ischemic heart disease and stroke. A cross sectional study was conducted to estimate the prevalence and factors associated with hypertension among full-time UNZA academic staff at Lusaka.The sample size consisted of 100 consenting adults; Majority of respondents were males accounting for 73 percent; and 44 percent of the respondents were of age 45 years or older. The study established that 67 percent of the respondents u ed alcohol, 66 percent were physically inactive, 57 percent were overweight or obese, 43 percent smoked cigarettes, 71 percent of lecturers complained of work overload (Teaching five or more classes). The prevalence of hypertension among full-time UNZA academic staff was 39 percent. Hypertension among the academic staff at UNZA was significantly associated with Alcohol in a multivariate analysis. Respondents who did not take alcohol were 28 percent [OR=0.62; 95%C.I(0.40, 0.95)] less likely to be hypertensive. Hypertension is prevalent among full-time UNZA academic staff. There is a need to consider alcohol consumption in the design of public health intentions to control hypertension in this group of population.
Hypertension , High blood pressure