Acceptability of Antiretroviral Drugs among adults living in Chawama, Lusaka

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Munthali, Sharon C.
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Acceptability of Antiretrovirals (ARVs) has been found to be associated with several factors. In this study we investigated the level of willingness among adults living in Chawama and factors likely to be associated with willingness to taking ARVs This was a cross sectional study. Only eligible adults 18 years and above were recruited by a simple random sampling. A structured questionnaire was used to collect data socio-demographic and other factors likely to influence willingness The Chi square test was used to determine association between variables of interest and multivariate analysis was performed to determine predictors of willingness Overall (n=409), 52.8% females and 46.9% males participated in the study. The non response rate was less than 1%. Overall (n=409), 52.8% females and 46.9% males participated in this study. The non response rate was less than 1%. A high level of willingness was observed with more than 50% of participants willing to take ARVs if they were found legible for ART. The mean age of participants was 31 years (SD±11.60). Some of the key factors that were found significantly associated with willingness were, the aspect of being male or female [OR: 2.27 (95%CI, 1.10 - 4.70)] with females being more likely to be willing than males, the perceived effectiveness of ARVs [OR: 3.50(1.71 - 7.82))], the need for consent to begin ARV treatment [OR: 1.30(95% CI, 1.40-2.72)] with females being more likely to needing consent than men, and fear of discrimination [OR: 2.47(95% CI,1.22 – 5.00)] A high willingness to take Antiretroviral drugs among community members was observed but there is need to increase intervention programs that promote acceptability and uptake of ARVs. Furthermore stigmatizing attitudes, gender and socio-cultural influences towards people taking ARVs still persist and interventions to reduce these influences are needed.
: HIV/AIDS--- treatment , Antiretroviral treatment