The rules of natural justice within the Zambian legal system

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Sinkala, Charles Thomas
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The Directed Research I have embarked on addresses the rules of Natural Justice within the Zambian legal system. In this essay, attempt has been made to ascertain what constitutes the Rules of Natural justice. The essay focuses the subject of the rules of natural justice within the Zambian justice system particularly in the area of deportation and labour matters. The essay focus on deportation and labour matters because it has been observed that there is abuse of the said rules in these two areas and the position of the Zambian law leaves much to be desired.Of great concern in this paper is the position of the Zambian Deportation and Labour laws with regard to the rules of Natural Justice. Could it be said that the Zambian laws on the said two areas have incorporated the application of the rules of natural justice? If yes, is the scope of application sufficient to meet the challenge of administering fair justice? Does it conform to international standards? The essay attempts to answer such and many other questions.Finally, the paper makes recommendations for reform so that the Zambian law in the respective areas conforms to international standards.
Natural law--Zambia , Justice