Aggravated robbery in the Zambian criminal justice system: controlled use of firearms

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Nachilima, Patricia
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The regulation of firearms is a pertinent issue in every nation because it hinges on the protection of human life. A nation with uncontrolled use of firearms is prone to have high levels of insecurity. As a result nations, such as Zambia have developed firearm laws which control the use of firearms in that particular State. The Firearms Act, Chapter 110 of the Laws of Zambia regulates firearms in Zambia. This research investigates the role of the firearm licensing procedure prescribed in the Firearms Act, with regard to the controlled use of firearms. This study is important because it coincides with a period of public debate and outrage on the uncontrolled use of firearms, increase in aggravated robbery cases and other related cases in Zambia. There have been newspaper reports and cases concerning shootings and cases of aggravated robberies. This uncontrolled use of firearms has raised concern as to how the Firearms Act aids regulation of firearms. Using desk analysis this research evaluates legislation such as the Firearms Act and the Penal Code; it also evaluates literature such as case law and other documentation. Information relevant to this research was also obtained from interviewing officers at the Zambia Police Headquarters and the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions. This research finds that the licensing procedure under the Firearms Act does not regulate access of firearms to the public because of the weaknesses in the licensing procedure. This research recommends that the Firearms Act be amended to include stringent measures to control access of firearms to the public.
Robbery- Zambia , Firearms. Robbery- Zambia , Violent crimes- Zambia , Criminal justice system- Zambia , Robbery. Weapons- Zambia