School based restorative practices as alternative to punitive practices in influencing positive behaviour in deviant pupils in Zambia

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Simuyaba, Eunifridah
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International Journal of Education and Research
This paper explores school based restorative practices as alternative to punitive practices in influencing the behaviour of deviant pupils in selected secondary schools in Kabwe District. A qualitative case study with Unstructured Interviews and Focus Group Discussions were conducted among thirty-six (36) participants consisting of two (2) school administrators, ten (10) teachers and twenty-four (24) pupils. The findings revealed that the main restorative practices used in schools include manual work, detention, dialogue with parents, counseling, and suspension. The study further revealed that the restorative practices were not helping in influencing positive behaviour in pupils but rather making them more stubborn and repeating offensive behaviors. This is contrary to the general perspective that restorative practices in schools create a positive school culture and climate that helps pupils to reintegrate into the learning environment. It is therefore imperative for education leaders to invest in sensitizations of pupils and training of teachers in restorative practices in order for them to understand and appreciate the logic behind adopting these approaches for ease of implementation and achievement of the desired result. Key words: Restorative Practices; Alternatives; Punitive Practices; Behaviour; Deviant Pupils
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Restorative Practices--Zambia , Behaviour-- Deviant pupils--Zambia