The role of Women development associations in Chadiza : The case of the Kampini area women development association

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Musana, Fiona
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This report details the findings of a one month practical attachment to Kampini Area Women Development Association (AWDA) in Chadiza District, Zambia. This evaluative study done from 19 January to 19 February 1998, covered six villages in Kampini Ward. It was conducted to examine activities, perceptions, objectives and achievements of the four clubs comprising Kampini AWDA that has 55 members in total. The historical background of Kampini AWDA is also examined to provide a clear understanding of the current status of the groups. The student used a qualitative approach; interviews, group, person to person discussions, and observatory work for Kampini AWDA, as well as interview guides and short questionnaires for the district officials and development workers. The report provides a complementary angle of the theoretical understanding and trends of development . It also highlights the role of KEPA Zambia- non-governmental organisation that has worked with AWDA is in Eastern Province for over seven years. The report shows a heavy dependence on external knowledge, initiative and resources. It concludes that there is need for active involvement and partnership by government, non¬governmental organisations and the community in developmental programmes. It emphasizes active participation in design, implementation and monitoring of developmental activities. It highlights the need for self reliance, community involvement and mobilisation, and use of existing local resources if Kampini AWDA is to achieve its goals and objectives.
Women - Societies and Clubs