An assessment of the factors that affect profitability of Cassava in Zambia's Chongwe District

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Banda, Mabvuto
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University of Zambia
A study was carried out in Chongwe District, aimed at determining the factors that affect the profitability of cassava in Zambia. The objectives of the study were to identify the factors that affect profitability of cassava production and determine the extent to which these factors identified influence profitability of cassava in Chongwe District. The structured questionnaire was the primary instrument used for data collection and also informal interviews. Descriptive statistics were generated using SPSS. SPSS was used to organize Outputs. Estimates of the parameters p and o were obtained using muhiple linear regression models. Factors that affect profitability were identified and some showed positive correlation and others showed negative correlation to the profits of cassava production.These factors were identified from the results of the regression which was done in SPSS. Factors which showed the positive correlation to the factors that affect profitability are the level of education with the (P=0.00), farm size with (P=0.00), Variety of cassava cultivated with (P=0.01), access to credit with (0.02) and extension service with (0.02) these were statistically significant at 95% confidence level.Factors which showed negatively related to profits are the age of the farmer with (P=0.01), Household size with (P=0.04). These also were statistically significant at 95%o confidence. In line with the findings, i would recommend that Government should employ more extension workers so as to be able to reach out to each and every farmer on a regular basis; also the private sector in partnership with the government should set up some financial institution to provide credit.
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Cassava , Cassava industry-Zambia , Cassava growing-Zambia