Effectiveness in the utilization of e-resources by Bank of Zambia Staff members

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Mangimela, William
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The study aimed at investigating the effectiveness in the utilisation of electronic resources by Bank of Zambia staff members. The objectives of the research included: to ascertain the information needs of Bank of Zambia staff members; to establish sources of information for Bank of Zambia staff; to establish the most preferred information provision format to staff members; to establish reasons as to why some staff do not utilize e-resource facilities; and to ascertain the value of information resources provided in e-resources to staff members; The research used a non-experimental design research designs and was quantitative in nature. The research used a sample of 60 respondents who were selected using systematic random sampling methods. Data was collected using self administered semi - questionnaires and analysed using Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS). According to the findings, the majority of the respondents represented by 65% pointed out that they utilised electronic resources, while 35% stated that they did not utilise electronic resources. A majority (50%) of the respondents said that they preferred electronic resources to other formats because it provides convenient and cheaper access. However, the reasons given regarding problems encountered when utilising electronic resources were dominated by restrictions through the web sense represented by 73%, and short internet time (62%) as these reasons made some staff not to utilise electronic resources. It was therefore recommended that management should consider removing the web sense or allow staff to have access to all the sites that have job related information; management should consider increasing internet time allocation to give staff enough time to access electronic resources; management should consider buying more computers so that all the staff have access to electronic resources; management should consider buying modern computers and software; and that management should conduct in house training (workshops, seminars etc) to train staff on how to use equipments such as computers. Therefore it can be concluded that in spite of some problems staff encountered when accessing these resources, electronic resources at Bank of Zambia were effectively utilise as a majority preferred to use them over printed literature and other formats.
Information services--Zambia , Computer-assisted instruction--Zambia