An analysis of the demand for quails in Zambia's Lusaka District

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Moonga, Thomas
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University of Zambia
This study aimed to explore the level of consumption and analyze the factors responsible for the demand of Quail meat in Lusaka district. The demand for quails in Lusaka was investigated through interviews with 93 selected quail consumers by using structured questionnaires The respondent households consisted of 1 - 11 members (mean value = 4.68), with an average monthly income of K3.71 million per household. The consumption of quails varied by number of users and quantity consumed. On an average, a household consumed 2.79 kg of quail meat per month. The results of the analysis showed that low demand for quails is caused by the prices that are relatively high and the general lack of information about quails and there benefits. The econometrically estimated demand fiction suggests that the household income, household size, perception on price, and household food expense per month positively affects the demand for quail while medium and high density have a negative effect and all these effects are statistically significant at 5% level of significance. The effects of education level, price of quails, price of substitutes and taste did not turn out to be statistically significant. The demand was found to be price, income and cross price inelastic. This suggest that increase in own - Price, household income and price of substitutes cause less-than-proportionate increase in demand. In view of the findings, an improvement in the sensitization of people about quails is recommended. This could be achieved through advertising and promotion. Advertising and promotions will increase the market share and would be effective in recruiting more people as quail consumers. Secondly, relevant authorities should put in place policies that would raise people's buying power such as reducing income taxes, raising the minimum wage, and also raising wages and salaries. This in turn would stimulate people to demand more quails. Finally, it is also recommended that the study be replicated in other parts of Lusaka and other provinces of Zambia so that results can be generalized.
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Quails-Zambia , Poultry Products-Consumption-Zambia