Internal stakeholder management in ZESCO distribution projects.

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Mundia, Sililo
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The University of Zambia.
Stakeholders have influence on both project performance and success. This study investigated internal stakeholder management in ZESCO distribution projects. The main objective of the study was to develop a framework for internal stakeholder management. The specific objectives of the study were to: determine factors influencing stakeholder management on ZESCO distribution projects; establish the degree of influence of stakeholder engagement on the performance of ZESCO distribution projects; determine the impact of stakeholder mapping on the performance of ZESCO distribution projects; and examine the relationship between stakeholder management and the performance of ZESCO distribution projects. The study employed a mixed method research approach, incorporating both qualitative and quantitative methods. The sample was drawn from ZESCO employees engaged in distribution projects, and data was gathered through interviews and questionnaires. The findings underscored the critical role of effective stakeholder mapping, engagement and management in the success of ZESCO distribution projects. Addressing internal stakeholders’ concerns and proper engagement positively influences project performance. It was further established that engaging internal stakeholders at various project stages improves project delivery time. The findings also indicated that stakeholder mapping is valuable executing projects within schedule, cost management, environmental considerations, and conflict resolution. It was concluded that stakeholder management has an impact on project performance parameters of cost, time and quality. Comprehensive training programs in project management and awareness campaigns about the project management procedures were recommended. It was established that the internal stakeholder management framework developed by the study can help improve project performance in ZESCO distribution projects.
Thesis of Master of Engineering in Project Management.