A critical analysis of the influence of feminist jurisprudence on Zambian Laws relating to domestic violence

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Chinyimba, Alice
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This essay critically analyses the influence of feminist jurisprudence on Zambian laws relating to domestic violence. It focuses specially on domestic violence against women and thoroughly discusses provisions in the Zambian laws that purport to address the issue of domestic violence. The essay embraces feminism, and the writer shares the view with the various discussed feminist schools of thought that the law and society are patriarchal. Therefore, regard is had to feminism as the various provisions of the law are discussed and their inadequacy exposed. The essay also looks at what effort is being made by the Zambian government to minimise domestic violence against women. It has been said that Sweden ranks highest in the world as the country that has achieved the greatest equality between men and women, although it still experiences the problem of domestic violence against women. Norway, although not at the same level with Sweden in terms of equality between men and women has been found to have a number of good laws that address domestic violence against women. Thus, the essay has looked at the situation obtaining in these two countries as a way of comparing it with what is obtaining in Zambia concerning laws on domestic violence against women, and what lesson if any, that Zambia can learn from those two counterparts.On the findings, the essay gives recommendations that ultimately entail a radical change in the very organisation of society, the state and the law. The recommendations suggest a systematic application of various feminist theories by the state, the society and women so as to rid the law of patriarchy. To codify the change in attitude towards domestic violence against women held by the society at large, it has highly been recommended that the Sexual Offences and Gender Violence Bill which is currently before parliament be passed as it somewhat comprehensively provides for domestic violence against women.
Feminist Jurisprudence - Zambia , Domestic Violence-Zambia