The Child Justice Forum. How has it overseen the implementtion of the Transformation in the Child Justice Administration

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Mushitu, Carol
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This research looks at the Child Justice Forum in Zambia and how it has implemented transformation in Child Justice since inception. In Zambia the Child Justice administration has been an issue for a very long time now. Just in 2000 a situation analysis was undertaken by the United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund on Child Justice in Zambia, which revealed a lot of flaws in the Child Justice System its was found that juveniles were being mistreated at all levels of the system. It was due to this that the Child Justice Forum was bom in 2001. Its objective was to implement transformation in the Child Justice Administration. This research has laid out what the law concerning juveniles in Zambia is. This included legislation that provides for juvenile justice such as the Juveniles Act Chapter 53 of the laws of Zambia and international instrviments such as the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. It has also laid out its findings on how juveniles in Zambia are treated irom arrest to reformatories, approved schools and diversion. These findings have been analyzed and a conclusion has been drawn on whether the Child Justice Forum has implemented transformation of the Child justice Administration in Zambia.