Pro-Democratic Intervention

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Banda, Maggie
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Classical as well as contemporary schools of thought have sought to define international relations in various ways and according to Pfaltzgraff Jr.,'' " is a field of study having as its broad purpose the analysis and understanding of relations among the major groups in which the world is divided, especially those capable of acting independently of each other."An attempt has also been made by scholars to understand and explain phenomena such as conflict among peoples and the conditions necessary for fostering greater cooperation and political integration. Furthermore, the impact of municipal policies and political structures on foreign policies and international-domestic linkages has been studied. In an attempt to shape the foreign policies of nations, factors such as ideology and nationalism have been studied and various theories have emerged as a result. Models have also been developed within which nations have been directed to work, both at domestic and international levels. Pfaltzgraff Jr.^, puts it succinctly when he states that; " A world model based on balance of power or a particular form of world government provides the analyst with a general understanding of major patterns of interaction among the principle units." Among the models that have been developed and viewed as essential in the running of affairs of nations is that of democracy.