Factors affecting youth partcipation in skills training programs in Kafue District: A case of St. Ambrose Trade Centre.

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Kasichi, Gideon Tembwe
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The study was conducted to investigate the factors affecting youth participation in skills training programmes at a selected skills institutions in Kafue. The objective of the study was to asses the factors that affects youth participation in skills training and attitudes that motivate them. The study also sought to identify the skills training programs that female participants mostly participate and the challenges they face. The population included the males and females participants at the selected skills training centres. The data was collected using questionnaires and interview guides for the youths participants’. This data was presented in numeric tables, ratios and percentages. The data was analyzed and summarised in numeric value and percentages with some in-depth narrative information for understanding the results. The approach was used to increase the reliability and validity of the research. The findings of the study revealed that the levels of youths participation in skills training programmes are very high in the district. However, the youths are faced by a number of home, institutional and community challenges which affect their participation in skills training.The conclusion of the study was that youth participants in skills training were unable to successfully complete the programs they undertook due to the challenges that they face. It is recommended that the skills training institution should provide guidance and counselling services for there female participants in skills training programs. This would help the students recognize the important of training even when they face various negative home and community challenges. And that government and stakeholders to come in the venture of helping youths by way of empowering and sponsorship
Skills training , Training, Vocational