Religious, Cultural and Moral Changes in the Chibwelamushi Harvest Ceremony of the Lala-Swaka people of Serenje and Mkushi districts

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Masaiti, Gift
Ngabwa, Dorothy
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The University of Zambia Press
The study sought to determine the changes that have taken place regarding the religious, cultural and moral aspects in Chibwelamushi Harvest Ceremony (CHC) of the Lala and Swaka people of Serenje and Mkushi districts. The study employed qualitative approaches in which it evoked ethnographic interview design in order to effectively address the issues raised by the research question. The method of data collection included, observation, interviews and document analysis using the semi structured interview guides activity, observation checklist and document analysis checklist. The target population included all Lala and Swaka People. The sample of 14 interviewees included one national chairperson and secretary of CHC, 2 representatives from insaka yelala, 2 initiators of initiates, 2 Traditional Affairs Officers, 4 ordinary members from two tribes and one senior chief from each district. The study revealed how the coming of Christianity, colonialism, modernity and capitalism have impacted on CHC. Based on the findings, the article recommends among others that the Lala and Swaka people take it upon themselves to teach the young ones the significance of CHC as well as inculturate some positive aspects of Christianity, colonialism, modernism and capitalism with key aspects of CHC in order to safeguard these aspects against erosion and extinction so that this ceremony can be appreciated and preserved to the next generation