Re-examining the concept of civic education.

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Muleya, Gistered
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Journal of Lexicography and Terminology, Volume 2, Issue 2
Defining Civic Education is rather problematic especially to practitioners and researchers of Civic Education. This is because the concept remains fluid at every given point. As such it is becoming important that the concept of Civic Education is clearly re-examined to understand its true meaning. Muleya (2018:109- 129) notes that, ‘by any stretch of the imagination, there is need to examine the daily application of the concept of Civic Education’. In this article, an attempt is being made to re-examine the concept of Civic Education or Citizenship Education as viewed by scholars in literature. Therefore, this article begins by providing the introduction as way of setting the tone for the discussion on Civic Education. Further, the article discusses the definitions of Civic Education and also explains the evolving debate about Civic Education as well as a discussion on the re-thinking of Civic Education. The article ends with a conclusion.
Civic education. , Citizenship. , Citizenship education. , Civics.