The impact of military rule upon fundamental human rights in Africa (Ghana and Nigeria

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Kanganja, Joshua L.
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Kilitary coups in Africa hava emerged on the continent only after the acquisition of political indepcndence froma colonial rulers The following independent African countries have experienced a military coups and government more thnn one occasion - Algeria , Burundi and Congo~Braszaville, "Zaire, Central African Republic Gabon Ghana Lesotho, Libya, Mali, Nigeria, Sierra-Lonne, Somalia, Sudan, Togo, Uganda, Upper Voita, Zanzibar and Ethiopia - altogether twenty in all end this figure it must be remembered is exclusive of abortive or attempted coups. Obviouoly judging from the list of countries that have experienced the coup, the military coup has overtaken almost the whole of the African continent* With the success of cuoceee of a military coup, comes military government*To some people, military government means the erosion or abrogation of all democratic inatitutiions. To others and notably so the soldiers who Instigate military takeovers, military governnent its necessary in order that democracy, justice and fundamental human rights and freedoms nay be restored in tho countries where the military coup has taken place. Coup instigators usaully state after the success of the coup d'etn*? that they will be in power only for as long as it Is necessary to clear and rectify the political "messs" that has bean made by the deposed politicians. So with the two view points In mind Ghana and Nigeria where chosen to be the area of study for this dissertation, particularly because there is avidence that suggests that within these countries the military authorities have shown considerable respect for fundamental human rights and freedoms. The dissertation begins with a discussion of the possible reasons why the military intervene in African politico, This was considered necessary as noted nbove the list of countries that have experienced a military coup is quita extensive and so it could be said the incidence of military coups in Africa has reached alarming proportions and as such this problem merits consideration Then there follows a discussion of the legal effects of a military coup upon a legal system and the nature cf military rule After the preliminary matters comes a discussion of the crux of the natter the impact of military rule upon fundamental human rights end freedom© in Ghana and Nigeria The fundamental human rights and freedoms discussed comprise mainly those found in the fundamental rights chapter of independence constitutions (i.e the constitution handed down at tho time of independence) of newly independentt African countries) In particular the following rights and freedoms are discussed •
Rule of law -- Ghana. , Rule of law -- Nigeria , Military government. , Ghana -- Politics and government , Nigeria -- Politics and government